Friday, 28 March 2008

Beauty of Holiness

Check out my new electric guitar, given to me by James, sweet. If you are trying to play the lead guitar in this song, be aware that there are two guitars in this recording; one playing 'clean' and one with distortion. The clean sounding guitar repeats the riff through the verse and plays bar chords for the chorus.

D/F# G C
Je - sus, I whisper your name
D/F# G
In the cold of the night,
in the dust of the day
D/F# G C
Je - sus, I whisper your name
D/F# G Bm C

Je - sus, I worship your name
When I look at the stars,
When I see who you are
Je - sus, I worship your name

C D Em
Beauty of holiness
C D Em
You are most glorious
C D Em Am D/B
Jesus pure righteousness
C D Em
I’m hungry for you Lord
C D Em
My Saviour and my Joy
C D Em
I’m longing for your gaze
Am Bm C
Jesus, the Beauty of Holiness
D/F# Am Bm C (D)
The beauty of Holiness

© 2008 Eric Rutgrink newandfree

Monday, 10 March 2008

Couldn't resist posting up this video - He Loves Us!

Kim Walker from Jesus Culture

Being a Worshiper - Bill Johnson

Hi Guys, while listening to this clip, read Psalm 29 - God is looking for the 'mighty ones' that will 'Give to the Lord' worship in the beauty of holiness. Read on in Ps 29 to see how God responds to this kind of worship. It all starts from our own personal worship. Awesome.
'New and free' is a simple statement summing up how God wants our lives to be. It can also be interpreted as 'the freshness and creativity that comes through the freedom we have in Jesus'.

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