Friday, 16 May 2008

Thirsty Tunes is online!

Thirsty Tunes is a new NCMI (New Covenant Ministries International) Praise and Worship download website. Basically the site aims to source and distribute 'new' praise and worship songs written through relating churches around the world. Could I stress 'new' as all the tracks online at the moment are from recently released albums. I hope this is not a 'set' policy as I really love some of the classic albums like "Never be the same" by John Daniels and "Run with the Fire" by Fin and Isi de Gesigny.

It functions in a similar fashion to itunes where you have a choice of downloading complete albums or single tracks, cool. I hope they begin having 'free tracks of the day' too. The concept for this website is great but there is some way to go before it's working anywhere near its potential. For example as it is developed and managed in Australia (by South Africans) there is only music from the Southern Hemisphere at the moment. Either way, it can only get better. How about the European continent? Would be great to see Bendon Dolk's CD 'U Alleen' (all in dutch) online. And how about us here in the UK? We must do some recording soon. check it out.

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