Friday, 18 July 2008

Sarah McMillan

Sarah McMillan is the wife of John Mark McMillan (author of How he loves). I can remember seeing her CD before but didn't give it much attention (honestly, I thought she was probably just making the most of the association). Ah, isn't it great to be wrong. Her record 'Under Your Bright Wings' is actually a sensitive collection of really well written songs. Sarah's intimate words fit snugly within the folk style and sparse instrumentation. Two songs of note are 'Treasure' and 'Sing my love', both working beautifully in congregational worship. You just can't get the chorus to 'Sing my love' out of your head - not a bad problem really.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been looking for the guitar chords and tabs for Under Your Bright Wings, Sarah McMillan for a while now and haven't found them. Would you know where I could look to get those?



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