Friday, 18 July 2008

Supernatural Worship at Bethel Church

Well, where do I begin... I just recently returned from Redding in California where I was attended a School of Supernatural Worship. Bethel church in Redding is led by Bill and Beni Johnson and Kris and Kath Vallaton and experiences wonderful measures of the Life of God. Through the time there I felt God was giving me a framework for the establishment of the sort of worship he desires. Encouragingly, many of the things taught are being done at our home church to an extent, yet there was a great clarification and underlining of key areas where we can still go deeper.

Honouring the Anointing
A great purpose of our worship is create an atmosphere suitable to Host God's manifest presence. By better recognizing His anointing, we can better position ourselves to allow Him to minister to his Church. What I noticed at Bethel was that the goal in everything was to encounter God, be it through worshiping Him, waiting on him or learning about Him and his Kingdom. We need to grow in our sensitivity to Him through a deep personal relationship with Him. Worship will bubble up spontaneously as we fill ourselves with His spirit and love.

Singing songs you 100% believe in
Kim Walker gave this seemingly straight forward advice but it is actually really important. Until you can 100% agree with some lyrics, they will not carry the weight of your conviction when you sing them. Sometimes we choose songs we like without really asking God for the words to become revelation to us. Other times we just need to find new songs that touch the very essence of who we are and what God is doing.
I'll have to write more later. But for now, let's do all we can to let God do all he wants.

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